Olive Oil


 High Polyphenol 

Our olive oil contributes to an optimally functioning immune system
Our goal is finding the EVOO
(Extra Virgin Olive Oil) with the highest concentrations of beneficial polyphenols, such as oleocanthal and oleacein, and deliver Livo Olive Oil to our members as soon after harvest as possible.
Hombre que sostiene los Olivos
This year's selection is from Arizona. Paradoxically some of the harshest environments create olives and olive oil with the highest level of polyphenols. Indeed the polyphenols themselves are thought to be defenses and preservatives against heat and water deprivation.
It’s important to Understand that Bitterness and Pungency: (pepperiness) are positive attributes that are flavor characteristics of various phenols.
With food these add condiment value, just as do spices or herbs. Healthfully, these phenols provide antioxidant and cardiovascular benefits. Our olive oil features high levels of natural biophenols with proven anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity.
The presence of oleocanthal is indicated by the peppery effect on the back of the throat sometimes causing a cough reflex. Oleacein is known by the bitterness on the tongue.
For people accustomed to purchasing olive oils awarded for flavour and aromatic character or a mellow olive oil, these characteristics of pepperiness and bitterness are often mistaken as a flaw in the olive oil (See our Health benefits section) 
There is a proliferation of olive oil taste awards which focus on the gastronomic values of olive oils. 
These competitions are subjective depending on a given individual’s palate and their subjective flavour preferences. 
Most of these flavor profile and aromatics competitions would disqualify the high phenolic olive oils that are our focus.

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